Game details

Game details

15 to 5000 players

1 - 2 h

Simultanously in different countries

Indoor / Outdoor

Beat the Box Gamified Team Building

Beat the Box is the ultimate team building game. Teams work to open the box only to discover 4 cases inside. Each case contains challenging Escape Room style challenges which must be solved in order to open the next case and ultimately discover a mystery slogan which will stop the clock.

Will your team accept the challenge and stop the countdown before your time is up?


Global success - Excitement and motivation thru gamification

Since 2014, over 50,000 people globally have accepted the challenge to “Beat the Box”, making Beat the Box one of the most successful team building concepts in the world.

Through a well researched and designed gamified framework, Beat the Box enthrals and captivates every participant.  There are no lengthy introductions. Instead, a short, sharp, thrilling video catapults players into the game.

Just like an "Escape the Room", participants must take on numerous and varied mental challenges as the game progresses they will need to draw on the cooperation of others in order to reach an accurate answer and move to the next stage.  And there is the ever constant presence of the ticking clock, counting down the time.  Tension runs high. Will they stop the clock in time?

Beat the Box is a mobile, fully scaleable Escape the Room style team building activity up to 5000 participants.

Since 2012, Escape Rooms have become increasingly popular and their concepts are utilised in team building activities, more and more. In contrast to other Escape the Room type games, Beat the Box offers the chance to implement these scenarios easily, with minimal preparation.  Beat the Box can be played at any location - conference rooms, offices, restaurants or boats.  It suits groups both large and small. 

Play with colleagues in various countries around the world in real time

Global licensing of Beat the Box facilitates low-cost games and competitions with other teams all over the world. Having more than 40 professional licensed partners, we allow multi-nationals to carry out resource efficient team-building events in various countries at the same time.

Thinking outside the Box

With just simple instructions and no written rules, Beat the Box demands effective communication skills. Beat the Box requires out of the box thinking. Players must collaborate to find innovative and creative solutions to solve each problem.

Team building with Beat the Box - more than just a game!

Once the clock has been stopped, a debriefing session with all participants can be run to highlight and discuss key learning elements from the game and draw analogies with real work life scenarios.  Gamification creates meaningful lasting memories for corporate teams.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Cross functional cooperation
  • Team dynamics
  • Developing creative, agile thinking
  • Strategy communication

Ideal Training Tool

The choice of trainers and coaches worldwide.

Beat the Box is proven to be an effective tool for exploring conflict resolution and effective communication in a fun way that engages all participants and stimulates real life scenarios for later reflection.

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